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Welcome to Red McCombs Ranches of Texas


The Glendenning Heifer Futurity and Sale

In 1979 we held a heifer futurity which grew to 30 head and became a feature of our sale for many years. We have decided to go back to our roots and bring it back to our sale in 2021!

We are delighted to announce that Rex and Sherese Glendenning will be our sponsors for this event which will be held April 30, 2021. Rex and Sherese have been friends of ours for many years and have a herd known for superior quality. We look forward to working with them to promote an exciting and very successful futurity and sale.

Judging will be done by the registered bidders with prize money paid to the top five in each class. The GRAND CHAMPION will receive $5000!

NEWS FLASH! Never Before Offered in The Longhorn Breed


 Red McCombs Ranches will be selling what has been the heart of our herd. This is not a dispersal, it’s a Vintage Cow Sale. 

All of our cows born before 2016 will sell. That’s right, no cows held back. 

We will also be selling our three herd bulls-The Beast, Icon of RM and G & L Painted Savage. These bulls are proven, promoted and would not be for sale under any other circumstances. We have never done anything like this before! 

This is your big chance! Usually it takes a dispersal to have cows and bulls of this quality come up for sale. These cows and bulls produced our next generation of approximately 90 head that we are retaining to take their places. 

THERE ARE: Proven cows & bulls - no guessing here.

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2021 Fiesta Sale Catalog

Allens 291/9

DOB: 4/19/2009
Top Caliber x Doherty 1/06 CF11
90"TTT on 10/21/2020

Can you say twisty? Cows with this much twist rarely have extreme tip-to-tip but not in this case as she is 90”! Her sire is the great Top Caliber and her dam is a clone of the immortal Doherty 6 cow. She has been a good producer for us and is bred to Icon of RM.

Doherty 6

RM Draggin' Kay 850

DOB: 2/3/2015
Drag Iron x RM Kay PAT 604
84.5" TTT on 10/20/2020

We have had great luck breeding to Drag Iron and Kay is living proof. She is one of our best young cows and she's already 84 1/2" TTT as a five year-old. Her top side with Drag Iron and Jamakizm couldn't be stronger. Her dam is one of Touchdown's best producing daughters. There is nothing but cow power in her cow family with her granddam, JP Grand Kay Anne at 88" TTT and a Grand Slam daughter. She just gets better with age! Bred to Painted Savage.

RM Mellow Specks PAT

DOB: 4//22/2008
Touchdown of RM x HL Mellow Red
88.25" TTT on 10/20/2020

Twist is the hardest thing to breed for but her dam, Mellow Red, produced it often. This is the best twist producing family we have ever had. Mellow Specks is among the most beautiful cows we have produced in all of our years in the business. We will also be selling a striking full-sister to her. She is the dam of RM Hopes and Dreams that sold for $22,000. She is no doubt on of Touchdown’s best daughters. We retain two daughters and one young Beast son that we will use next year. This cow can be the face of your program. Bred to Painted Savage.

Great cow families - We have built our herd on proven, dependable genetics and it has worked for us. It can work for you.

Productive cows and bulls-just look at our website to see what they've done. 


Bulls have always been the focus of Red McCombs. We have concentrated on three bulls that have anchored our program for several years. 

G & L Painted Savage and Icon of RM have been important to us as they have strong pedigrees, loud color and lots of horn. Of importance to many breeders is that these two bulls are outcross genetics for many of us.

The Beast was our most important bull acquisition maybe ever when we bought him as a calf for a record $60,000 with Mike Davis and the Sparger's. Our partners have agreed to sell 100% of the bull in order to settle the partnership. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own such a highly promoted bull, in his prime and proven to many top cows as he has been used AI by a number of leading breeders. This gentle giant can make a major contribution in any herd in the business. Only in a sale of this nature is a bull like The Beast offered for sale at auction.

 SAVE THE DATE! April 30 and May 1, 2021

2021 Sponsors:  

Mike & Holly Davis
Friday Night Party

Rex & Sherese Glendenning
Heifer Futurity

HH Cattle Co.
Saturday Morning Breakfast

Mike & Jeanie Casey,
Saturday Fiesta Sale

If you're interested in our Longhorns contact or 210 821-6523